Staff Solutions inc

is a leading and recognized Manpower Consultants, Recruitment agency which is as expected registered & approved.

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Manpower Consultants

Staff Solutions inc Manpower Consultants is located in the heart of the business capital of Mumbai India, if you need trained / skilled / unskilled manpower from India; we can enroll them as per your exact needed thing.

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leader Recruitment

Staff Solutions inc Manpower Consultants is a leader Recruitment consultant, Executive search, Manpower recruitment firm, HR consultants, Manpower recruitment, Manpower agents, Manpower firm, Human resource agency.

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professional team

We are a dedicated team of professional (putting something into use) consultants offering top of the line executive search and selection services to (many different kinds of people or things) corporate of all sizes; with various business interests.

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Our manpower professional team (focuses on doing one thing very well), in identifying most excellent People for the Right Job.

Our distinguished customers represents a wide variety of industries like manufacturing, construction, engineering, telecommunication,(related to oil from the ground) banking, information technology, trading and distribution, shipping and aviation, travel and freedom, health, accounting and auditing, financial services, transportation, call centers, business process outsourcing etc.

Today we work with hundreds of businesses across a (many different kinds of people or things) range of markets and continue to maintain our status as market leaders delivering quality service with an (acting to prevent problems before they happen) and energetic approach to (putting something into use). Whether you're a huge company, a system management entity or a start-up, you know how important it is to build a strong, permanent team. Staff Solutions inc Manpower Consultants can source the exact permanent staff that you need - suitably qualified and tested/evaluated.

Our business is managed by extremely skilled professional H R specialist consultants with quite a lot of years of training and experience in India. Their skill, ability to measure the needed things of the client, loyalty to/promise to work and strong desire/formal decision about something to achieve the goal to the entire satisfaction of customer is the major aim of our company.